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Ölmo arte en madera (Ölmo art in wood) is a brand of decor that offers  comprehensive carpentry services in wood, lacquered and varnished finishes, as well as in furniture repair or restoration. Our headquarters is in the province of Malaga, but our workshops and carpenters are located throughout Spain. 

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Ölmo was born of intuition. It is a project in continual growth. By observing market demands, Ölmo deduced that quality, high service standards, direct communication, speedy delivery and competitive prices are the requirements of today’s consumers who know what they want. Conforming our model to these requirements, Ölmo meets your expectations while championing good design. Our reason for being is to create artistic products respecting the characteristics and opportunities provided by sustainable wood.

Ölmo is an innovative company wedded to cutting-edge technology. Like the most successful international brands, we are found online via the web, social networks and email. You can reach out to us for consultations, information and budget proposals. We also have three competitive carpentry workshops in Malaga, Huelva, Sevilla and Granada. Andalucia is our market, but if you are in another part of Spain, call us and we’ll come.

Ölmo’s philosophy is to offer a made-to-measure service, calling on product specialists to evaluate your project and budget. You will have the assistance of experts in the fields you require. Our aim is to stand out from the rest, coordinating an efficient team of designers, decorators and carpenters to analyze, plan and direct your project according to your needs and desires.

In Ölmo, there is a place for all branches of carpentry, producing wardrobes, kitchens, stairs, doors, floors, interior and exterior structures … Perfect accessories for each of our departments.

  • In one, the Interior Design section, you will have personalized advice for turning your empty space into a bespoke home. Exclusive architectural creations combined with high quality furnishings create a pleasing ambiance, ideal for home or business.
  • In the Carpentry section you will find works of ours that address more specific aspects; excellent for existing rooms that just need a certain touch.
  • In the section Art in Wood you can see how we repair and restore your beloved furniture that was deemed obsolete. What’s more, we offer a delightful and educational range of wooden toys, using ingenious tools to realize the constructive power of play. We apply our ingenuity as well to decorate your furniture with personalized images and prints, putting vinyl art at the service of your imagination. And as a new opportunity, we invite you to be actively involved in the execution of your own designs.

Distributed throughout Spain, our suppliers and manufacturers furnish the primary materials to satisfy you in all aspects. Aware that quality with a good price is the most crucial requirement, we have selected a number of professionals who stand out in this regard. Note also that we are associated with the major national producers of manufactured doors, so any make or model can be obtained through Ölmo.

Our primary beneficiary is you; the individual who calls for original and exclusive features in your home, the builderwho requires a good quantity of products in series, the reformers looking to satisfy the demands of their housing, building engineers, designers, decorators, architects … To all of you, we offer the best options and best prices.

As it could hardly be otherwise, Ölmo cherishes and respects the environment; thus all our products are created with woods approved by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), an entity active worldwide in promoting sustainable forest development. What does that mean? In order to achieve a social, economic and environmental equilibrium, for every tree cut down one hundred more are planted. So … everyone is happy!

The prettiest things are as light as air. In this subtle way, Ölmo wishes to show appreciation to those who have contributed their grains of pollen to this project:

  • Thank you Carlos Olivera Abreu brilliant designer and magnificent creator, you have made this beginning possible.
  • Thank you Enrik Enrikson the elegant logo for our page is yet another proof of your exquisite talent.
  • Thank you Valentina Innocenti for the brush strokes that bring life to the hummingbird and tree which symbolize our project.
  • Thank you Pat Patterson, meticulous, precise and always in the forefront. You have guided this web and translated it impeccably. Pat, I wish you a brilliant future.

Thanks to the impressive Ölmo team: designers, decorators, carpinters… tightrope walkers in the passionate world of art. To all those who have paved the way with even a stone or two, we also extend our thanks.

Francisca I.
Director and manager

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Ölmo carries out carpentry work ranging from the very simplest to extensive projects of  home remodeling and construction.  Our excellent quality and professionalism put us at the top of our field, as leaders in the design and installation of wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, flooring, roofs and staircases.

Design, Art and Technology are our inspiration. We make use of programs and tools that ensure we are in the vanguard of technology and quality, and which allow us to offer competitive prices and outstanding promotions.