Bespoke interior design

The art of designing and decorating happy spaces is one of the powers of Ölmo’s magic wand. We want your home to reflect you and your essence. To achieve that, our interior design team, comprising architects, industrial designers and 3D infographic artists, contribute their techniques in Feng Shui, drawing, esthetics, perception, psychology, economy and environment, creating bespoke ideas. For Ölmo, all is possible: give us your initial schema and be part of the creative process. Here you are in the most exclusive section of our offerings.

We have divided this section of interior design into two subcategories: design for residential and commercial spaces, and design of exclusive furniture.  In both, you will see that our select and superior carpentry achieves details such as: corner spaces used to advantage, color synchronization, geometric forms, defined and profiled lines, optical illusions, artistic designs and perfect finishes.